We are a world leader in service assurance with application and network assurance solutions, and security assurance with advanced DDoS and Advanced Threat (AT) solutions.

What we do

Today’s IT universe is a rich and complex array of applications, services, software, and hardware. Your business and your reputation demand “Always On” availability of these systems and services. At NETSCOUT, we enable you to achieve business assurance (BA) – which is the availability, reliability and responsiveness of your critical services – so you can maintain your competitive edge.

How we do it

NETSCOUT has accumulated unparalleled experience in monitoring and analyzing network and application traffic flows, whether across service provider and enterprise networks, on-premises infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments. Our core technology extracts the intelligence from this traffic and turns it into “smart data,” which in turn powers our service assurance and security assurance software portfolio. nGenius Application Assurance and Network Assurance solutions protect against system, network and application failures. Arbor Advanced DDoS and Advanced Threat solutions deliver security assurance that protects against security threats from hacktivists, cyber criminals and other bad actors.

Who relies on Netscout?

We are an industry leader. Our customers are also leaders in their industry segments in the enterprise, government, and communications service provider sectors around the globe. Our products help them navigate today’s most vexing technology challenges such as cloud computing services, a globally outsourced workforce, distributed infrastructure, and increased mobility and collaboration. NETSCOUT stands ready to help your business succeed.

We’re constantly evolving to meet your future needs

Our vision is to solve today’s network, application, and security challenges, while developing solutions to meet future needs. We are already introducing the next generation of service assurance and security assurance solutions. The heart of these solutions is smart data, which is comprised of both Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) metadata and ATLAS Global Threat Intelligence. We stand alone in our ability to put smart data to work for you.

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