A united defense against cyber attacks

Reality today

The pace of technology exceeds our capacity to protect it. Despite the important investment in traditional security products, the advanced aggressors overcome these defenses without problems and extend their range of action without encountering obstacles.

Our approach

FireEye is reinventing security. Companies look for a strategic defense partner to protect themselves in the long term. This partner must be able to innovate as quickly as the aggressors and adapt to the evolving needs of the clients. FireEye is a company that is 100% dedicated to detecting, analyzing and solving current threats.

Companies want a partner to help them move from the alert to the solution in a matter of minutes and can expand or reduce the service as dictates the evolution of threats and needs. They need a provider that provides them with the technology, information and experience to forge a unified defense against cybercriminals.

What they do

FireEye protects your most valuable assets against those who intend to seize them. With FireEye, it will detect attacks before they occur. You will understand the risk and will have the tools and assistance necessary to stop and resolve incidents quickly.

Visit FireEye’s website: https://www.fireeye.com